〒141-0023 愛知県名古屋市西区城北町3丁目

3 Johokucho Nishi-ku Nagoya-city Aichi-pre

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* I currently do not organize Yoga Camp.

Yoga Camp

  I started this "Yoga camp" to share the happiness of practicing yoga with breathing fresh air in nature.  Why don't you try to have an amazing experience which you can't do in a city?  At the ocean, the mountain and the river... 

Especially people who don't have much vegetables or drink too much such as having unhealthy life, please check out pages below. 

 If you get gather with friends, colleagues or sort of froup I can organize "Yoga Camp" at the place in three places below.  I can arrange the term depends on you. If you are interested in Yoga Camp, feel free to contact me.  

"Tenjin Lodge" in Minakami Gunma pre

"Nobi Beach Club B&B" in Yokosuka Kanagawa pre

"Dormitory and cottage Zawawa" in Ishigaki island, Okinawa pre

Yoga Workshop

※ Please contact me by 3 days before for yoga camp reservation, changes or cancellation.

※ Call this number if you are in a hurry: 090-9686-2970

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